A small utility application to manage bills that are due. This is great for people who keep loosing bills on their desk like myself, or if you just have cash flow issues and don't want to pay everything right when it comes in.


Lets just give you a glance over it to see if it is something you want to use.

Main Screen

Edit Bill Screen

Edit Company List


Download and Installation

If you are just using this program then all you really need is the script and some CPAN modules that this script uses. The CPAN modules you need are:

Once you have the modules installed simply run the script. It will do the rest.


There isn't much more to do to develop this application, but if you want to hack around on it anyway here is some info on development. Obviously it is in Perl so you already have the source. I used Glade to develop the interface and libglade to process the interface. If you want to hack on the interface you will notice that it is actually embedded in the script. This way you don't have to configure the script to tell it where the glade file is (the help file is also this way). But if you want to hack the Glade you can either grab the Glade stuff out of the script and write it to a new file, or you can download this file which is the glade file by itself. Configure the constant at the top to point to the seperate glade file and it will reload the script with the new glade file everytime your glade file changes.


This software is so small that I am just placing it under Public Domain.


Eric Anderson <>

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